Pre-Surgical Diet Tips


If you happen to have a surgery in the near future, it is recommended to avoid foods that contain the tryptophan amino acid. Theoretically, it will help you avoid the negative outcome of a surgery.

Simple and temporary dietary measures, aimed at reducing susceptibility to the “surgical stress”, can eliminate the negative effects on the kidneys and increase the chances of a favorable outcome of a surgery.

Pre-surgical diet suggests limiting protein. Changing the diet may have a favorable influence on kidneys, thus they will be properly filtering blood and removing waste products in time during the surgery.

These measures are primarily intended to prevent heart attacks and strokes, which are not impossible during a surgery. Ischemia (peripheral circulatory disturbance, based on the restriction or complete cessation of arterial blood flow) can trigger a heart attack or a stroke, which is why it is so important to stabilize renal functioning.

A special diet is a good way to reduce these risks. However, experiments with the removal of tryptophan from the diet have been conducted only on mice at the Harvard School of Public Health. People will have to wait until this theory is finally confirmed.