No Surgery for Obese People and Smokers


Such bad habits as excessive craving for junk food or smoking, can lead to the patient being refused a surgery. The doctors from Hertfordshire have decided to restrict access to operations for people who do not care about their health.

Man smoking

The restrictions include all surgeries that must take place within the next few months. Many family doctors across England have agreed to such measures, and many of them will follow the example of their colleagues.

According to the doctors, the main reason for refusing a surgery is the risk. Obese people and smokers often have complications after surgery. These patients spend more time in hospital and are more prone to postoperative infections, as the head of the North-East Hertfordshire clinical group Tony Kostick says.

The doctors suggest their patients getting rid of bad habits and then having a surgery. Moreover, the doctors even believe that “if the obese patient loses weight, he might not even need the surgery”, as Tony Kostick says.

The innovation has already gained its opponents – many critics speak about the discrimination of “difficult” patients.

Source of the image: Photl.