Most Frequent Stress Causes


The Institute of Personnel and Development has conducted a study and found that stress is the most common reason why people suffer from permanent disabilities for a long time. Stress is even more widespread than strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and back problems.

Stress at Work

The researchers believe that a person may experience stress at work as a result of prolonged economic recession. It is not by accident that the highest stress level is found at the firms that have reported staff reduction. As a result, the workers take a vacation for four weeks or more.

Professor Cary Cooper from Lancaster University believes that stress stimulates. But the real problem occurs when people can no longer cope with his condition. A person finds it difficult to concentrate, he/she loses his sense of humor, easily loses his temper, begins to overeat or is undernourished, starts smoking and drinking much.

The most common cause of stress, according to the statistics, is work overload, the style of management one’s boss uses, and problems at home.

Now when you know what causes stress in most cases, try to avoid it, spare your health!

Source of the image: Photl.