Taylor Lautner's Muscles Make Rob Pattinson Worried about His Own Body

Most males may be embarrassed to play alongside a hunk like Taylor Lautner, and it’s not surprising that even Robert Pattinson gets a twinge or two as he thinks that he will have to bare himself on the screen.

Robert Pattinsom and Taylor Lautner

So it happened that Lautner, 19, who spends over two hours working out every day, became Pattinson’s instigation to emulate the feat. The Twilight’s leading star confessed his envy for the teenager’s bod to Mexican magazine 15a20 (through The New York Post) and told that it moved him to a six-month spell of training so that he could display a tighter body in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 when he engages in sex with Kristen Stewart, his love both on screen and off.

The 25-year-old British beau said he had never given a thought to how he looked before it dawned on him how much workout Lautner puts in for his screen appearances. He felt sure that people would start comparing them, and concern for the way he looks set in. He began considering his positions from the point of view of tensing his muscles and tightening up his stomach.

Having revised his ideas about the importance of the bodies of the characters in a movie, Pattinson went on with his training for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. He even gave himself a promise to get a six pack for his final Twilight appearance! But after the months of workout and the completion of the sex scene he felt a burning desire to get himself full of food!

Source of the image: Clebitchy.

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