Men Can Also Suffer from Anorexia


Eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia, are typically associated with women. However, the number of men suffering from those diseases currently increases, but most sufferers feel embarrassed to turn to professionals for help.

Skinny Boy

According to the results of a study, which was conducted by the Robert Koch Institute in 2008, every fifth European citizen between the age of 11 and 17 displays some symptoms of eating disorders. Fifteen per cent of boys and young males display such symptoms.

Men develop anorexia as the result of desire to control their body. Dieticians believe that one of the causes of anorexia lies in the radical change of the ideals of male beauty. Well-trained and tanned Beckham’s body was turned into a standard. In addition, the trend of skinny figures is also strengthened by the resent trends in male fashion, which accent on tight trousers, jeans and jackets.

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  1. I’m skinny like this guy is in the picture. The only eating disorder I ever had was compulsive eating due to people always telling me to eat more. Calories, carbs? I pay those no mind except that I love calories and carbs. Yet at 35 years I still weigh the same as I did at age 16. Me, like the guy in the picture, are NOT anorexic. It’s called a high metabolism. Try researching metabolism and also do a good lengthy research on anorexia nervosa. Signs of anorexia include loose and bad skin, bad hair and hair loss, and also a disaffected gaze which is a result of starvation. The guy in the picture looks sharp and alert, with healthy skin and healthy hair to me.

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