Anorexia Treatment

Anorexia nervosa, which was described in the yesterday’s article “Anorexia”, unlike depression and panic attacks, is a refractory disease. There is no universal and effective cure against anorexia. In the first place doctors prescribe generic drugs, which are typically used to cure various health problems, such as electrolysis anomaly or heart rhythm disturbance. Here are some remedies that are used to cure anorexia.



Many anorexics also suffer from depression; some of the symptoms of the disease can be removed with the help of antidepressants. There is, however, no supporting evidence about the effectiveness of antidepressants in anorexia treatment. Moreover, antidepressants may have a number of side effects which can only worsen the patient’s condition. Studies have shown that anorexia treatment is much more effective once the patient’s weight is close to the norm.


Short term effects of some tranquilisers may help the anorexic overcome anxiety. Those drugs are highly addictive and should not be used to treat patients who also display drug or alcohol addiction.

If anorexia is highly severe, or when the person’s weight drops for a second time resulting in the person’s weight being less than 15% of a normal body weight – immediate hospitalization is a must.

Oestrogen Shots

Female anorexics have higher probability of having cracks in their bones – effect of osteoporosis. No menstruation and low weight can provoke a condition close to premature menopause. There is a belief that oestrogen shots can help some women restore the minerals in their bones and prevent bone cracks from forming in the future.

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