Eat Carrots for Skin Beauty


Vegetables and fruits are highly beneficial for our health, and their regular intake keeps us toned up, strengthens the heart and helps stave off cancer, we all know that. But there are new findings saying that vegetables and fruits can also reflect our health on our face.


A new study from Britain focusing on appearances tells us that eating brightly-colored vegetables and fruits leads to the skin gaining additional color and, consequently, attractiveness. Two months of a diet with predominance of such foods is likely to improve the color of the skin with “visible results.”

The researchers explain that highly-colored fruits and vegetables contain yellow pigments known as carotenoids that impart the skin a yellowish glow. This hue is associated with good health and is therefore regarded as attractive.

This simple and effective means to enhance natural beauty goes for young people especially, and should get them interested in consuming more fruits and vegetables, points out Dr. Ian Stephen, one of the authors of the study.

The results of the research conducted by scientists from the universities of Bristol and St. Andrews are scheduled for publication in the March issue of the Evolution and Human Behavior.

Source of the image: Photl.