Does DNA Testing Determine the Quality of Your Life?


Genetic testing is an excellent achievement in medical science. It helps to discover health issues within a family line and assure future generations are safe. We don’t debate the medical value of DNA researching, but people’s obsession with it is a concern.

Following, we will describe what genetic testing is and if should you worry about it or not.

Genetic Testing

If you want to hop into the genetic trend, get a genetic testing kit, and do it yourself (save yourself the trouble). If you are not happy with the results, consult with a genetic counselor. These counselors tell you what to expect from the test, and how to change your life accordingly.

Moreover, these professionals recommend the best test depending on your family history, your health, etc. Genetic Consultants help you understand DNA patterns within your family history and what you need to consider for DNA Testing:

  • History and Health of First Degree Relatives
  • Physical evidence of severe health issues
  • Genetic Mutations
  • Ethnicity
  • The pattern of diseases in your family history (both paternal and maternal side)
  • Health issues linked to single gene mutation in your family

Your Lifestyle is More Important Than DNA

You need to be healthy. Your family heritage and history don’t matter. Eat a healthy diet and workout daily. These healthy habits improve your life’s quality. So instead of paying attention to your lineage, you need to be careful about what creates health or illness.

Adjust your diet, emotion and spiritual level. These will help you stay healthy and energetic even after 50 years of age.

Discover how to optimize your health despite your DNA. Your lifestyle decides what will cause physical and emotional stress. Your DNA doesn’t have the last word on your health or quality of life

Find What Your Body Needs?

You need to tune your diet and nourish your body. One size never fits all. Some people rely on vegetable protein while others find animal protein a better alternative. In the end, our body needs clean, and fresh food with good fats. Don’t forget; you need fermented food for beneficial intestinal bacteria.

You can’t live on processed food, not even if they are organic. Natural and fresh is the best approach for a healthy diet. There are no health benefits of coloring, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones, and pesticides found in our food. Avoid grains and beans that were not soaked, cooked or sprouted.

Relieve Stress

Mental and physical stress could kill you. Your body needs some form of exercise. Therefore, it’s your job to find the activity you love and do it your whole life. Lack of movement will stress your body too. The story doesn’t end here, learn how to manage stress in your body.

Focus on creating the inner peace by eating healthy and working out. If you are continuously depressed, it will ruin your body. In the aftermath, the only important thing is what you did after the test, did you change yourself or continue with an unhealthy routine?