How Crisis Affects Your Health


Taking care of one’s health becomes a minor issue when financial crisis arrives. Without even noticing it, many of us keep on getting sicker and sicker those days. No matter how sad it may sound, material well-being is often a key factor which determines our lifestyle. Thus, while the saying advises us not to be cheap when dealing with health, economic crisis has noticeably reduced this part of our expenses. In return, this reflected on our quality of life. So, how exactly is crisis affecting our health?


Nutrition Became Poorer

As the result of universal layoffs and salary cuts thousands of people switched from the regular and more or less healthy nutrition to one based on all kinds of snacks: sandwiches, cakes, chips, chocolates, and other products which you can buy directly at work and eat right away. People started to consume sweets in larger quantities, since it’s one of the cheapest ways to boost one’s spirits. Besides, those who used to eat out during lunch, switched from cafes to cheaper fast food restaurants. No wonder, those restaurants keep on flourishing regardless of the crisis.

More People Smoke

During the period of continuous stress and high prices of pleasures, tobacco companies see increased profits. According to the Wall Street Journal, the only companies whose shares continued to grow during the Great Depression were the producers of the so-called “cheap pleasures”, such as cigarettes and cigars.

We Exercise Less

Fitness clubs and all kind of sports in general became another expense, which people decided to sacrifice for the sake of the family/personal budget.

We Eat in Front of the Monitor More Often

Computer and TV make another cheap replacement of expensive recreation. Electricity and Internet cost noticeably less than the tickets to the movies, theater, or club. We can easily watch a movie on Internet, or listen to music. TV, in turn, is great at helping us kill time during those boring evenings, which used to be filled with such activities as visits to our favorite restaurants or other cultural programs.

We Get Stressed More Often

The wave of layoffs, which crossed the entire world, is the major stressor those days. Unemployment increases in many countries and thus people fear the possibility of being fired. Moreover, media boldly makes the situation worse by featuring numerous heartbreaking financial stories. Accumulated stress can cause serious illnesses, including malfunction of internal organs.

How to Stay Fit with Less Money

Worldwide economic downturn really affected the lives of lots of people. Don’t let the crisis affect your health! Maybe a 20 minute daily training instead of giving up fitness or cooking at home instead of eating at fast food restaurants would be a great idea to stay healthy during these hard times. If you have any ideas on how to stay healthy with less money feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. Many people should learn how to save money, for example, have a sum that you never touch, that you have for the special case. Or collect money for vacation, for example.

  2. Well, I think this mess is the time you change something, your lifestyle, your habits, attitudes, whatever. I’m not sure people were healthier couple of years ago when times were good. it was prosperity and look at obesity plague, it’s how you take, you know. You wanna get depressed or sacred, or unhealthy you’ll be that way. Any physical exercises are good for your brain. And that’s your biggest asset right now. So invest into your heath, not stocks or silver 🙂

  3. Eating at home is a great tip! I try to fix all my expenses in an excel file and since I started eating at home and only very rarely at restaurants I’ve noticed I’ve been saving much money!

  4. Always have a put by sum of money for a dental case. I know it from my own experience: it’s a must! Dentists cost a whole lot of money!

  5. These days I bought a fitness membership for the whole year and I’m happy I invested to my health. It costed, of course, but I won’t have to spend any money for it for the whole year.

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