Bra May Cause Backache


Pain in the back may often be caused by an ill-fitting bra. According to The Telegraph, uncomfortable underwear is the reason for 6 out of 10 women to suffer from back and neck problems as well as headaches.

Back Pains

According to the report of the British Association of Osteopaths, the desire to be fashionable and have a beautiful figure often deprives us of common sense. Trying on underwear, women often prefer models with too little cups and too big breast girth. As a result, some more weight is put on the shoulders, which provokes pain in the back and neck.

Doctors recommend being aware of this fact and remind that the breast size changes over time, so one should be careful when choosing a bra. The same can be said about strings: they cause irritation in one out of five women. Other unsafe wardrobe items include slippers, which provoke deformation of toes, and tightly fitting caps and hats, which squeeze the blood vessels of the head and cause headaches.