Are Microwave Ovens Harmful to Health?


Microwave ovens guarantee customers a quick lunch without too much effort plus a certain dose of radiation. The effect of it on humans, as well as the quality of products in a microwave oven causes a lot of controversy. Let us find out if it’s really as dangerous as it seems.


Microwave Oven – a Radiation Source?

One of the quite popular stereotypes is that a microwave oven is quite a serious source of radiation. However, it is fundamentally untrue. The energy produced by a microwave is just not enough for the ionization processes causing radiation. Therefore, it is groundless to say that a bad closed door of a working oven or the products warmed up in it can trigger radioactive contamination.

What Radiation Does a Microwave Oven Cause?

Microwave ovens still create radiation, but it is not ionizing. This is the radiation produced by every electrical appliance. However, the impact of the electromagnetic fields on human health is not fully investigated yet. So, it turns out that to avoid electromagnetic radiation, it is necessary to get rid of all technological advances. In reality, this is impossible and unnecessary. However, you can try to reduce the negative effects. To do this, simply follow the so-called electromagnetic hygiene.

Electromagnetic Hygiene Rules

The most intense radiation is created when a microwave is heated. Just do not stand nearby at this time.
Unplug electrical appliances when not used. In fact, they are a source of radiation even in a standby mode.

What Happens to Food in a Microwave Oven?

The effect of a microwave oven is based on rapid rotation of electrons in a special device – klystron. As a result of this rotation, electrons begin to emit electromagnetic microwaves. These waves encounter the molecules of food, all the time changing their polarity from positive to negative and vice versa. This occurs millions of times per second. As a result, the molecules are deformed, and the amino acids contained in foods are sometimes transformed into toxic forms.

You have to understand: microwave ovens have long been used in food industry for large-scale heating, as well as drying, sterilizing, pasteurizing, defrosting. Therefore, we receive loads of microwave-processed products without even thinking about it.


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