Aeroport Scanners Not Dangerous to Health


In a run-up to the holiday season many are particularly worried about whether it is safe to use X-ray scanners, with which many airports have been recently equipped with.

Airports X-ray scanners

The radiologists from the University of California in San Francisco, the USA, say that these devices are not harmful for health. The scientists have made some measurements and concluded that in a few seconds spent in the scanner the person receives the same dose of radiation as in 3-4 minutes of normal life with normal background radiation. Simply, the dose is negligible and absolutely safe even for those who fly regularly.

For the full credibility the scientists give a few more examples of comparative radiation exposure:

  • 50 passes through the scanner = 1 X-ray of the patient’s teeth,
  • 1000 passes through the scanner = 1 chest X-ray
  • 4000 passes through the scanner = 1 mammography
  • 200,000 passes through the scanner = 1 abdomen tomography.

The scientists make only one stipulation: all these figures are correct if the scanner at the airport is working properly and is maintained in a due way.

Source of the image: Wellnessuncovered.