6 Hidden Hair Loss Reasons


Hair loss brings suffering to both men and women. If we are not talking about alopecia (abnormal hair loss all over the head or in some of its parts), when one should immediately consult a trichologist, the hair is lost due to the reasons that depend on the lifestyle.


1. Temperature Split

With the onset of cold weather, many people may notice that hair starts to fall more intensively. It is not because the temperature drops. The hair tolerates changes in temperature of the environment very poorly – for example, when a person leaves a warm house and comes outside when it is cold. In such cases, it is necessary to wear headwear. However, don’t forget to put it off when it is warm – for example, in the subway.

2. Malnutrition

Improper diet is another blow targeted at your hair. Not to lose your hair, add sufficient quantities of protein products and iron containing products in the diet.

Furthermore, hair loss depends on vitamin deficiency (C, B5, B6, PP), and lack of minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium).

3. Bad Habits

Bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol abuse, lead to the problems with blood vessels, which interfere with the blood flow. As a consequence, hair follicles do not get enough nutrition they need and the strands become weaker because of poor blood circulation.

4. Hormones

Hormonal changes, caused by pregnancy, abortion, the use of contraception drugs, menopause and certain endocrine diseases also provoke hair loss.

5. Medical Diseases

Diseases of internal organs, as we know, often manifest themselves in unpleasant changes in appearance. Hair and nails especially depend on the health of liver. If you want to have healthy hair, take care of your body. You can, for example, take hepatoprotectors, based on natural essential phospholipids. But it’s best to stick to a diet: the menu must contain nuts, flaxseed oil, low-fat fish, and natural cheese.

6. Stress

If you experienced stress and forgot about it, the hair can “remind” you of the problem in 1-2 months. You will simply begin to lose it. At the same time, an event that you do not even think to be stressful can cause problems to the body – for example, the use of anesthesia during surgery. Emotional experiences go without saying.

To make the body resist stress, it is necessary to provide it with a sufficient amount of magnesium in the form of pharmaceutical medications or products, such as wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, almonds, oatmeal, buckwheat, seaweed, etc.


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