WristReaders for Those Who Often Lose Their Readers


There are two things in this world – socks and sunglasses – that are constantly lost, thereby destroying thousands of nerve cells of their respective owners. The man who will invent a cure from the “lone sock syndrome” is sure to receive the Nobel Prize. But the solution to the problem of vanishing socks seems to have been found. Now they will always be at hand. Literally.


A creative solution for the lost forever accessory has been invented by American Michele Willis Smith. Being an active mom and a lady just over 40 years old, Michelle was occasionally wearing glasses, but she could not make herself wear them all the time. As a result, when they were really needed, the glasses were always elsewhere, but not at hand. And Michele had an idea to produce a frame that could be worn on the hand. This is how the WristReaders bracelet glasses appeared.


The frame of these unusual glasses is made of flexible silicone. The temples end not with a curved temple tip, but with a magnet on the one side and a small metal plate on the other side. Due to this innovation, the frame can easily be rolled in a ring and worn as a bracelet.


The frame is resistant to damage (the temples are clearly not easy to break, and there are no hinges and screws); thanks to the original shape, the glasses themselves are fitting the face tightly.



WristReaders glasses can be worn not only as a bracelet, but also attached to any metal surface. You can even wrap them around the bicycle wheel. The glasses are always at hand when needed, and you will not have to look for them at the bottom of the bag.