Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and Memory Stick in One


Swiss Army knives and memory sticks are two famous staples by Victorinox, but what they exhibited at CES may well become their most sought-after product, distinguished both as an army knife and as a memory stick!

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

The first feature their new SSD memory stick boasts is the capacity that comes up to 1TB! Moreover, this bundle comes protected with a software suite with hardware and software encryption that promises hack-resistant, impregnable security for your data. The graphic display is an integrated bi-stable LCD with perfect display functions. The dual connector capabilities are up-to-date providing for both USB and eSATA II.

The drive is designed to fit into the black knife body that is empty waiting to hold it, while the other knife body, the red one, is a common Swiss Army knife carrying a blade and all the usual fittings including scissors, a screwdriver, and a nail file.

Supposedly the largest flashdrive in existence, the Victorinox knife’n’drive will hit the shelves some time in August retailing at an unset price under $3,000.