Translate from Dog Language into English


Nice DoggyAs a dog lover and a former owner of a puddle I couldn’t miss this gadget – LED Dog Tale Communicator. All dog owners sometimes want to know, what their dogs are thinking about at a particular moment, but how? This device makes it possible. There were similar ideas before, but, anyway, this one seems interesting. It’s designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau and can be seen at Modern Museum of Art in New York City for the Elastic Mind.

So, how does LED Dog Tale Communicator work? The gadget should be fixed to your dog’s tail. It is programmed to give you particular messages depending on how fast your dog’s tail wags. It doesn’t speak, like the “pet interpreter-gadgets” produced before. This one translates your dog’s tail wagging into a string of words hovering in the air. It resembles one of the LED-arm clocks we all know. As far as I’ve understood, it can’t tell (write) a lot and I’ve no idea, how accurate the device is. Ok, I agree, it’s absolutely not needed: you know your dog better than all devices in the world do. But it’s so unusual and so pleasant, that people think about dogs and try to understand, how they feel. I think, it could make one have some fun with their pet.

Here’s how it looks:

Dog with LED Dog Tale Communicator


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