Social Spheres Make Conversation Possible in Noisy Places


They can also make you look very conspicuous at the least or very queer at the most while allowing to hold private conversations or make yourself heard in crowded places or bars that are blaring with music or loud TV.

Elaine McLuskey Social Spheres

Elaine McLuskey, the creator of the Social Spheres, decided that one can afford looking like someone who has just stepped out from an old-fashioned sci-fi movie if one has to talk in a noise-filled atmosphere of public places.

Social Sphere

To be exhibited soon at Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Arts and Creative Industries Degree Show, the Social Spheres are lightweight bubbles made of perspex that you put on your head. The bubbles connect so as to carry your words straight to the ear of your companion. They also shut out background noise, voices and music, enabling you to hear one another without straining your ears.

McLuskey designed a stationary version along with the put-on mobile version for installation on tables in noisy bars or cafes – two people can duck in and out at their convenience whenever they want to exchange a few words.

Source of the images: Newslite.