Panasonic Shellac Nails Home Remover


Would you really dare to step out anywhere without a good coating of Shellac Nails or Gel nails? No, really? Well, that’s clear, but sooner or later the question of having gel nails removed arises, and you are landed with a hell of a job. Will you be able to avoid attenuating of the nail texture and thereby damaging the nail or the cuticles? If you are having trouble with this, there’s Panasonic with their very first gel polish remover.

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Panasonic’s new ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover promises to buff gel nails effectively due to a gel sanding attachment that ensures good penetration of nail polish remover. As soon as the polish remover has made the gel soft, the remover and cuticle care attachment gets rid of the polish by peeling it off gently. It’s a great gadget for a quick touch-up or complete and damage-free polish removal. The battery-operated Panasonic

The battery-operated gift to your nails, the ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover, is said to come round this spring. The price is to be given out yet.