You Will Never Lose Your Cell Phone with ZOMM


The CES show next week will display, among other useful items, a great cell phone facility called ZOMM. And if you ever happened to misplace your cell phone you must know what we all need it for!

The ZOMM website shows the device as a kind of a Bluetooth keychain appendix and its makers define it as the “world’s first wireless leash” for your cell phone.

Zomm Cell Phone Leash

In case you get your handset lying conveniently around and then may walk out on it, you can make the ZOMM beep out an alarm as soon as you get too far away. Moreover, it enables you to use your phone without rummaging for it or losing minutes trying to disentangle it from where it has stuck. Just use your ZOMM as a wireless speakerphone for incoming calls. There is also a panic button for one-touch 911call, which can make your emergency really timely.

The rumored retail price (not officially confirmed yet) is something like $79.

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