Keyboard for Women with Longer Nails


There’s some history of a war between computer keyboards and long fingernails – both suffer when they come together for spells of serious typing, and while you can do with scratched keys (which can lend your PC a business-like much-used look), you don’t want your nails look less than perfect. So the two must mix well, decided Dalian Polytechnic University designers (namely Shi Jinghan, Dr. Wendong Ren, Yang Fan, Wu Yunlong, Jin Xing, and Lin Miaomiao) and sat down to the business of inventing fingernails-friendly keyboard.

And they did. Known as the Qutie QWERTY Quirky, the new silicone keyboard allows you to type fast without worrying for the state of your nice nails. The secrets are convex key covers making for elevated keys and conveniently wide spaces, so you won’t make as much mistyping as you are prone to when your long nails press the neighboring keys as well as the right ones. Besides, you can personalize the keyboard with screen-printing. Now fashion and work can go along smoother than before!