Karl Lagerfeld & Doettling Turn out a King among Safes


Produced by such remarkable figureheads of luxury safe design as Karl Lagerfeld and Doettling, the latest to-be-marveled-at safe is also the most expensive one so far, going at the price of $339,000. The new safe is a bespoke affair of only 30 items available, and the fact that the designer grabbed the first one to stuff his personal valued collection of iPods and other devices in is fairly eloquent.

Luxury Safe Design by Karl Lagerfeld and Doettling

Although not prone by the water, the stronghold is called “Narcissus,” all stainless steel with a chrome-plated glossy aluminum coating, outward elegance concealing a sturdy body. A pillar six feet high, it is about one foot deep and is sure to slide easily into allotted space and stand there looking demure and dignified. Inside it holds cabinets containing watch winders and drawers for your priced possessions. Maybe not exactly a narcissus, it sounds like a whacking good safe!

Karl Lagerfeld

Source of the images: Instablogsimages.com


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