Just How Expensive Can a TV Set Be – Hughes’s Answer


It’s Stuart Hughes, indefatigable in his attempts to turn out a complete set of gadgets to stagger the world’s richest buyers. This time he turned his attention to TV sets, coming up with a TV set called the Supreme Rose. Carrying the price tag of $2.26 million dollars it is easily the most expensive one this side of paradise.

Supreme Rose Luxury HD TV With Diamonds

Now if we look into the question of what do we get for this lump (well, maybe «we» is carrying it a bit too far… Only three sets will be available) we won’t find a giant screen covering most of our wall, but a 55″ HD TV set. The costly difference is in gold that went to make its frame, solid 18ct rose stuff a bit short of 30 kg. You know what comes next – diamonds, 72 of them, round and flawless, accompanied by sunstones and amethysts to provide a play of jewelry on the frame. And the third luxury item is alligator skin, hand fixed on the inside screen. In short, the only thing this luxury item doesn’t have as decoration is live roses.

Source of the image: Craziestgadgets.com.


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