A Four-in-One Gadget for the 21st Century Office


This blue ear-topped gadget that looks either too cute or too funny is a serious attempt to bring four useful devices together in a limited space on your office desk. Its name is a bit on the longish side, the 21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light, but you will find the price quite “short” – only 8.54 euro ($11.5).

4-in-1 Gadget

Mickey Mouse supplied the inspiration for the web camera for video conferences; other three devices are a microphone, a LED light for your keyboard if you need it, and a fan when the outside heat is on. The LED light and the fan are detachable, and can be plugged into a USB port should you need them located differently.

Mickey USB Webcam

The items are kept in place by metallic cords that can be easily bent the way you want. Since it allows the USB connection, the blue Mickey is made plug-and-play so you won’t have to bother with installing special drivers.

Mickey 4-in-1 Office Gadget

The web camera is also perfectly compatible with any OS and provides 640 x 480 pixels at 15 frames per second, and 320 x 240 at 30 fps.

Source of the images: ladiesgadgets.com.