How to Dry a Wet Phone?


Have you dropped your phone into a puddle, a sink or even worse – into the toilet? This can happen to anyone.


First of all, take the phone out of the water as soon as possible, the phone will probably have no time to “get soaked” during a couple of seconds – if the cover fits tightly. But in any case, do not turn it on until the phone goes dry.

First, the phone must be prepared:

  • Remove the battery. After all, everyone knows since childhood that water is a conductor of electricity, which is not good in our case.
  • Incidentally, there is often a white piece of paper on the battery or close to it, which turns pink when it is wet, i.e. it is possible to determine whether the phone got soaked.
  • Remove the SIM-card, memory cards and remove any peripheral gadgets.

You can now proceed with drying:

  • Wipe the phone with a dry absorbent cloth to remove as much moisture as possible at this stage. It is important to avoid shaking the phone excessively, as this may lead to the displacement of the fluid, which would complicate the work.
  • Oddly enough, alcohol can help you because alcohol displaces the water and then gets evaporated in a short term.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner: it will remove moisture. You just need to look carefully at all parts of the phone and make sure they will not be sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

WARNING: Do not use a hair dryer under any circumstances. It is likely to only move the moisture in the recesses of the phone, which will complicate the drying process considerably.

Put the cell phone in rice for a day. The fact is that it absorbs moisture very well and will dry your phone easily.

After having dried the phone for at least a day, you can check it. Insert the battery and turn the phone on.