Dress with “Real” Butterflies by Intel


Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. And every self-esteemed princess should have her most fabulous dress. Cinderella and Rapunzel would hardly be dressed in Dior or Chanel. But they would eagerly put on a dress with “real” butterflies. It’s real magic, after all. The magic of technology.


Designers, costume designers and masters of movie special effects have long been attracted by the idea of ​​”real” outfits. The outfits that would respond to the environment, change their properties, and perform some kind of a trick. Let’s recall at least “The Hunger Games” and the leading character Katniss Everdeen’s burning dress. After watching the film, millions of teenage girls began to dream about such a dress. And their dreams will come true in spite of the false magic of cinema, if more and more designers take on projects like their colleagues Ezra + Tuba.

<center><iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://videochart.net/framevideo/4g577.3939336221e7c44f2a1383a3aa15?width=640&height=360″  frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen ></iframe></center>

Turkish designers and sisters Ezra and Tuba Cetin, well-known in the fashion world as the Ezra + Tuba brand, have been flirting with high technology for a long time. But their last technological project, created in co-production with Intel, struck the press on both sides of the Bosporus. Ezra + Tuba team created a unique dress, decorated with controlled butterflies, which are able to react to their environment and even fly.


The luxury dress of jacquard and metallized threads is adorned by 40 blue butterflies. Of course, they are artificial. But each of them is equipped with sensors. When resting, the butterflies flap their wings at random. When someone approaches the dress and its owner, the insects begin to “worry” and flap more actively. When a stranger approaches the dress quite closely, the butterflies will abandon the dress and scatter in various directions. The butterflies’ behavior can be controlled with the help of a special application.

How does the magic, shown in the video, work?

According to Ezra and Tuba, they are inspired by fantastic outfits from blockbusters. “Star Wars”, “The Fifth Element,” “Aeon Flux,” “Tron” and the above mentioned “The Hunger Games” offer new ideas on how to combine technology and fashion. Maybe, Ezra + Tuba collections will soon include Lilu Dallas’s famous white bandage?

<center><iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://videochart.net/framevideo/8c501.393933606170523cf6b929c12399?width=640&height=360″  frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen ></iframe></center>

In the meantime, high technology is increasingly gaining popularity in high fashion. For example, the display of famous designer Iris Van Herpen involved not only the star of the “Game of Thrones” series, but also robots.