The Digital Wallet Is Coming to Replace Plastic Cards


Money, or rather its circulation, is fast developing towards a wholly digital control. For the time being we are at the Plastic Stage wherein we gain access to our digital bank accounts via plastic credit and debit cards.

Digital Wallet

But we may be moving on to the Digital Stage fairly soon; designer Fredrik Palmblad is already looking forward to universal changes in money handling with his Digital Wallet (that has also stopped looking like a wallet and looks more like a small flash drive instead).

Digital Wallet

The new digital wallet may lead to cash and plastic cards being completely disposed of, what with its safety, ease and speed with which it will perform transactions, both with bank accounts and other personal wallets like that one. How many years more life will we give credit cards as soon as this new gadget catches on?

Digital Wallet

Source of the image: Techfresh.


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