Bossini’s Shower Head Brings Light and Music to Your Bathroom


Ever felt like singing or moving to music while taking shower? Whatever the answer, Bossini’s MP3 Shower Head will make your bathroom a brighter and jollier place.

Bossini MP3 Shower Head

And not just for the fun of it – the technically sophisticated Aquavolo MusicChromotherapy shower will wash your body, use chromotherapy to get your skin and mood into shape, play you music to tune up your spirit. The shower head made from stainless steel has an inbuilt sound system and two speakers and will easily connect to your iPod or media player.

Bossini MP3 Shower Head

Switch the Bossini onto Jet WideRain for a good drench-down or Jet Waterfall to feel the full impact of rejuvenating shower power, and get the best of what modern technology can do to your bathroom.

Source of the image: Thedesignblog