Men Are Definitely Preferable As Bosses, Study Says

3,000 British employees were polled within a research carried out by with the result of men proclaimed to be better bosses than women. About two thirds of those involved declared that they would prefer to be working for a man than for a woman, both sexes in complete agreement over that (75 per cent of men and 63 per cent of women).

Man boss

David Brown of referred to those results as “incredible”, although the arguments for having a man on top sound fairly reasonable.

Male bosses are regarded (by male and female workers alike) as straight-talking and generally more open to a logical discussion. They are not so dependent on mood swings – one of frequent complaints about female bosses (who were called bitchy and hormonal).

Besides, male bosses seem to stay outside office politics more than women who are accused of being capable of back-stabbing and often walk in (and act out of) fear of other authoritative persons – a state of affairs claimed by a third of the workers polled.

Women in high positions are prone to be influenced by their home and personal lives… while men are supposedly easier to deal with the view of making them wink at your shirking work.

“No one is suggesting that women aren’t intelligent enough to be in senior positions,” accentuated David Brown, “but perhaps they need to be more approachable and less competitive.” Anyhow, some vital social skill must be mastered by those women who wish to win respect and credit from their employees.

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