Born This Way Bluetooth in Lady Gaga Style


Earloomz offers a music-themed Bluetooth headset designed especially for the most ardent of Lady Gaga’s fans. Evocatively dubbed Born This Way GL-196-Lady Gaga Bluetooth headset is meant to satisfy technologically-channeled craving for the bizarre – which it does with a vengeance.

Lady Gaga Born This Way GL-196

The gagaesque gadget comes equipped with a set of earhooks and earbuds, a lanyard holder; included are a user manual and a warranty card. Bluetooth version v2.1 is compatible with 2 Bluetooth cell phones and allows to play video games due to the multipoint technology. Hands-free mode is provided. The handset is powered by rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

The Born This Way GL-196 is sold for $59.99 with no extra charge for trendiness.

Source of the image: Chipchick.


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