An Alarm Clock to Bug You out of Sleep and Make You Do Morning Workout


This alarm clock, or, to give it its proper name, the Aphelion clock concept, does not simply snooze you awake – this bright gadget knows that chances are you go down again – but gets you out of your bed and on your feet playing ball.

Aphelion Clock Concept

How does the Aphelion bedside friend achieve this feat? It catapults a ball at the pre-set time, and there is no peace for you until you retrieve the ball and replace it into the holder to kill the snooze.

Aphelion Clock Concept

Other features are hardly worth mentioning – a built-in MP3 player and radio, a digital display with the time read clearly – but the ball thing can bring out an inventor in you, placing the alarm-clock to aim the ball at your prone self, towards a far corner of the room where you will have to search for it waking completely in the process, or at a glass of water that will topple and treat you to a small shower to ensure your waking up properly.

Aphelion Clock Concept

With all those terrifying possibilities the Aphelion concept may not find a manufacturer after all.

Source of the image: Hardwaresphere.