Diet to Plan Your Baby's Sex


Diet to Influence Baby's GenderParents’ diet may play a role in whether they will have a boy or a girl. Studies show that the parents of boys had a lot of natrium and potassium in their diet while the parents of girls preferred foods rich in calcium and magnesium. Scientists have come up with two different diets including specific foods for those who want to plan their baby’s sex.

What to Eat to Have a Boy

If you want to have a boy, it is advisable to eat potatoes, mushrooms, lentil, sweet cherry, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches and dates. Avoid lettuce, raw cabbage, nuts and beans.

What to Eat to Have a Girl

If you want to have a girl, you should eat eggplants, beet, carrots, cucumbers, green peas, hot pepper, onion and nuts. Avoid plums, bananas, oranges, currant and melons.

When to Stop Dieting

But medics warn women who are going to influence the sex of their baby through their diet. Women who keep diet over two months running are more likely to have spontaneous miscarriages than those who don’t plan their pregnancy. At early stages of pregnancy, the growing baby’s organs and systems start developing.

Nutrient imbalance, especially the deficiencies of certain substances, may cause serious disorders of embryonic development.

So it’s recommended to stop dieting, at least, a month before the conception. After the conception, watching diet doesn’t make any sense and can harm your baby and the progress of your pregnancy.