Women’s Hint to Men: Relax to Become More Attractive


University boffins have discovered a new factor of attraction, linking it to a more relaxed appearance. Sheer beauty can give way to stress level, Abertay University psychologists assert firmly… and calmly.


What they did was round up a group of men, measure their hormone levels and take their photos. Then composite images were prepared depicting faces showing high and low stress levels. When women were called on to gauge the level of the men’s attractiveness, it was found to correlate with the low stress level.

Commenting on the findings, Dr. Fhionna Moore put the correlation down to the ability to cope with life’s stresses – that’s the message women are inclined to read into men’s laid-back attitude. “This suggests a strong genetic make-up, the future suitability of a partner, and their ability to pass on ‘good genes’ to their children,” she said.

The new discovery goes counter to the previously expressed suggestion that a high testosterone level can increase a man’s attractiveness based on the idea that those males ought to have a strong immune system and therefore become healthier fathers.

Source of the image: Photl.