Women Perceive Themselves Uglier Than They Really Are


It turns out that ladies see themselves as lower, fatter, and in general – less sympathetic than they really are. Researchers discovered this from a simple experiment, in which voluntary participants were tested on the ability to tell distance by looking.


For example, women had to put their left hand under a table, and with a pointer show where they feel their nails and knuckles are. All the participants exaggerated the width of their hands by an average of two-thirds, while understating the length of their fingers by one-third.

According to the authors of the experiment, everybody tends to exaggerate the width and understate the length of all parts of their body. However, this is particularly true for women because they are more concerned about their appearance. “Many ladies look in the mirror and see that they are not fat, but this does not help them get rid of the distorted view of themselves”, – PLOS One journal wrote.

Source of the image: Photl.