Easy Virtual Way to Try on Swimsuits via Augmented Reality App

The dubious fun of putting on/taking off a lot of clothes in order to see how they look on you may be wearisome for yourself as well as for your male partner who’s sitting outside the dressing room in what was dubbed “the guy chair” – and quite probably feeling not a little exasperated. Now you can dispense with the tedious part of reality and act modern and sophisticated making use of a new augmented reality app unveiled by immediaC.

Webcam-equipped (don’t forget to arrive armed with a notebook), the augmented reality app gets your picture and arranges it behind the picture of the swimsuit you’ve chosen to try on. You will have to move around a bit to get yourself positioned behind the suit correctly. That’s all it takes.

Unfortunately, for the time being the immediaC’s brainchild works only with swimsuits, but all online clothing stores may surely want to see it developed to embrace all kinds of clothes to make the process of choosing infinitely easier – unless you really are into the fun of endless handling pieces of clothes.

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