Women and Men's Haircuts Prices Equal in Denmark


Remember how men sued manicure salons last year, demanding to equalize the prices for men’s and women‘s manicure. In fact, men’s manicure turned out to be more expensive. Now, the situation is quite the opposite. Women demand equal prices for themselves and for men, considering it unfair that men’s haircuts are cheaper.

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The precedent was recorded in Denmark. The country’s committee on equal rights considered the women’s complaint, which was filed in February 2012. A Danish woman claimed that she considered it unfair that her haircut of short hair cost 528 kroner (about 94 dollars), and the service of a barber for men was cheaper and cost 428 kroner ($76). At the same time, she meant a short, almost boyish haircut.

The salon, where the woman used to have her haircut done regularly, was the defendant in this strange case. The representatives of the salon tried to justify the fact that the cutting of women’s hair took more time and required more styling products. But the Danish officials decided that cutting of the hair of equal length had to cost the same sum of money, regardless of the sex of the client.

Do you consider it fair?