Sex Rids Woman of Inferiority Complex


The mother of three children from America, suffering from inferiority complex, decided to have sex every day for a year in order to fix her psychic. The experiment has been successful.


After giving birth to three children, Brittany Gibbons gained so much weight that she was embarrassed to undress in front of her husband. The 32-year-old resident of Toledo, Ohio, has developed such an inferiority complex that it virtually destroyed the sex life of the family. Then she decided to try an interesting experiment, just like the heroine of the famous film “Julie and Julia”.

inferiority complex

In that movie, a young woman started a web blog to describe the new dishes she was planning to cook every day for one year, using the recipes of the famous chef Julia Powell. Brittany, who is also a web-blogger, has decided to have sex with her own husband every day for one year as a means of dealing with her own complexes.

‘My husband is gorgeous and very, very sexy, but the issues we were having in the sack were all me. I could not shut my insecurity off, and sex quickly became a really anxiety-inducing experience that went one of two ways. I have three small kids, and as many mothers know, what happens to your body and self-esteem after childbirth is both unexpected and mind blowing. Three years after our last child, I still wasn’t in a place of feeling sexy in my bare skin, and I wanted to change that.’


In her blog, Brittany described in detail the sensations that she had experienced during this one-year-long experiment. At first, it was a painful ritual, but in the end sex turned into the most enjoyable moment of the day, when the woman felt very relaxed.


‘Then the moments when we weren’t having sex, due to work travel or sickness, I began to miss that connection. I really understood what intimacy meant, by the end, and sometimes, it has nothing to do with the intercourse, and everything to do with what happens around it.’

‘It took a couple months to get there, but once I was there, it was worth it. And being able to be open and honest with my husband, and not embarrassed or anxious about being naked, was amazing, and he deserved that. We both did, really.’