Salma Hayek as Pole Dancer in the "Americano"


We have repeatedly written about the updates of the motion picture industry. Today, we can tell about the “Americano” drama, where we can see Salma Hayek as a pole dancer.

Salma Hayek

45-year-old Mexican actress Salma Hayek manages to act in Hollywood comedies and action movies – “Classmates,” “Puss in Boots” and “Savages”. Apart from that, she is an exemplary wife and mother and she also participates in independent projects.

Last year, the movie by the French director Mathieu Demy “Americano”, where Salma Hayek performed a major role, was first shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. And it is just now that the picture appeared in American cinemas.

According to the plot, the main character Martin, performed by the director Mathieu Demy himself, arrives in his home city of Los Angeles to settle the issues related to his inheritance after the death of his mother. The apartment in which he grew up, awakens the memories of his childhood, and the character decides to go to Tijuana to see his ex-girlfriend Lola, the character of Salma Hayek, who was close with his mother and who now works in the club called “Americano.”

The viewers of the film will see beautiful Salma Hayek dancing in her underwear. The last time the actress demonstrated her “hot” dances was in the 1996 cult film “From Dusk Till Dawn.” And judging by the new photos of the sultry Mexican  – she is still in great shape at the age of 45!