15 Rich People in Hollywood You Don’t Know

It stands to reason that all those stars, people with household names, rake in loads of money and are unfathomably rich. After all, is said and done, that’s what draws so many people to Hollywood – it’s not only the prospect of becoming famous, it is the possibility to achieve fabulous wealth. But the thing is, wealth and fame don’t always go hand in hand. Some of the lesser stars, whose names you don’t remember offhand, or even people you have never heard of, can have more money than those whose names you recognize instantly.

How can it be that people who remain virtually or totally unknown manage to earn such amounts of the wherewithal that they become wealthier than some A-listers. Who are they, what are they? Maybe they are not married and would like to meet somebody who will love and understand them? Or they are fond of good company and can invite people who are fun to their parties with free champagne and snacks? Well, you may get some of the answers from this article telling about 15 gloriously rich people who don’t quite enjoy a lot of fame. They are content with fortune.

Jorge Garcia, worth 15 million

Jorge Garcia isn’t exactly an unknown character, being remembered by his participation on Lost, but could you guess that he is richer than you by about $15 million? A bit astonishing, isn’t it? Yet Garcia’s success isn’t exactly a fluke – he put in a 6-year spell with Borders and performed small roles long before he hit it off with Lost. Now that’s quite a story, right? So look carefully at whoever you are being served by when you stop by your nearest Borders. If it happens to be a hefty fellow with a haircut you take an instant dislike of, be careful when talking to him: he may be the next favorite of the Hollywood Fates.

Ellen Barkin, worth 60 million

That is a hefty sum for an actress who hasn’t been doing much movie work for some time. Then again, she was once married to a multi-billionaire Ronald Perelman, which added to her wealth, since their divorce left her with the sum of $20 million. Having divorced, Barkin made another $20 million for the jewels the billionaire had given her. Arguably her best period was when she was popular for her work in Diner, Sea of Love, and The Big Easy, but she seems to have slowed down somewhat after her bank account had augmented perceptibly. Well, why not take a breather and enjoy her life with all that package?

Jane Seymour, worth 70 million

Among the non-famous on the list, Jane Seymour can lay claim to more fame than many others, but there are doubts that even those who know her well could credit her with $70 million in the bank! Yes, she was an excellent girl for Bond in Live and Let Die, she was brilliant in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; apart from that, she enjoys success as an author. Is her career that rewarding? It certainly seems so, even though portraying Dr. Quinn is unlikely to produce so much. Some of her earnings must have come from being the face of the CC label and having a hand in the Open Heart Collections by Kay Jewelers, and probably she is a shrewd businesswoman as well?

Henry Thomas, worth 82 million

There are actors who begin the fortune amassing process from the time they are kids. It’s precarious, considering how many of child actors have an atrocious time and end up with all their money gone; but the story of Henry Thomas shows that it doesn’t always have to be this way. He got on the set of E.T. when a kid, and stayed in the industry, although he failed to land another breakthrough role – and he didn’t have many of them, either. It could have been a different sad story if it were not for over $80 million to his credit. Thomas held on to his money and was able to manage it wisely without indulging in deplorable habits (like others of the kind of Edward Furlong). Let’s hope he is not stopping at that!

Alexander Ludwig, worth 97 million

Do you remember Alexander Ludwig offhand? If you do, that is because you’re a fan of movies like Hunger Games, Race to Witch Mountain, and Vikings Seeker, but even then you might have got him overshadowed by grander names from the casts. Ludwig is not all people’s favorite, come to think of it. But now you know how much he is worth, you may begin to recognize him, even for the sole reason of wondering how he could have made it with such an unpretentious career. The hunky actor knows all the secrets of the game, surely! You may get noticed more now that we know about your money-making talents.

Andrew Shue, worth 100 million

The brother of the Leaving Las Vegas star Elisabeth Shue, Andrew Shue also went for acting and was noticeable in Melrose Place, although he didn’t show his acting talents there (probably for the good reason he doesn’t have any). His looks carried him through the Billy Campbell role, then he appeared in a couple of other movies, but didn’t discover himself in acting. He got busy with other projects, though, and came to collect a fortune of about $100 million. By luck or by toil, he may have made the world a bit more unfair place having left other more talented actors behind in terms of money, but there it is.

Frances Fisher, worth 145 million

As the movie world goes, Frances Fisher was successful for quite a while. She is well-remembered for her appearance in The Unforgiven alongside Clint Eastwood, with whom Fisher was in a 6-year-long relationship and to whom she bore daughter Francesca. So maybe her amazing wealth of $145 million is partly due to her success and partly – to her liaison with Eastwood and giving birth to his child. Still, it’s not what really counts, the main thing is that she has a nice gold lining to her life for us to marvel at.

John Slattery, worth 145 million

Far from being a Hollywood nonentity, John Slattery has been doing good work on television and in movies for more than 20 years and achieved a degree of fame, especially for his work in Mad Men. While not reaching the top of his profession, Slattery succeeded in upping his wealth to the figure of about $145 million. This is a hair-raising sum; if asked who could be worth so much money, we would have answered “Brad Pitt” and never thought of an actor in the line of John Slattery. Yet his bank account is a sound proof of his worth, and money speaks louder than fame in those circles. He must be a satisfied man.

Jessica Szohr, worth 150 million

You may have had no doubt about Szohr that she is super rich (well, probably you didn’t know she is that rich). She is a hot one, at her 32 years of age she had enough noteworthy parts (besides starring in Gossip Girl, she made memorable appearances in I Don’t Know How She Does It, Piranha 3D, The Internship and others). Another enviable fact is she belongs with the Taylor Swift coterie. Now she really seems to have overreached it, with all those points in her favor – we could hardly believe any person can have that much, it takes some sinking in. Although we do know some success stories, this one sounds almost incredibly fabulous.

Peter Stormare, worth 215 million

Stormare is a great example of the point this list is supposed to make. The Swedish talent is quite well-known for parts in The Big Lebowski, Armageddon, Bad Boys II, Prison Break and Swedish Dicks – but does it follow that he should have such an enormous pile? Even though he is in with the Coen brothers and made a lot of noise participating in Fargo, his bank account is nothing short of astounding. You may recognize his face and even recall his name, but you would never guess that he is one of the richest crowd in good old Hollywood.

Sasha Alexander, worth 215 million

Would you say, thinking of Sasha Alexander, that she has $200 million and a bit over? Yet this lady does have many millions stored away, gotten from her acclaimed participation in Dawson’s’ Creek and Rizzoli & Isles, and through being married to director Edoardo Ponti, the son of none other but that immensely popular and wealthy actress, Sophia Loren. Probably now you can swallow easily the fact that she is fabulously rich. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston – she can take them to the best places on earth and never notice the expenses, despite the fact that she could not even dream to compete with them in terms of fame. One of these things that do happen.

Patrick Wilson, worth 230 million

Who deserves to be truly rich if not Patrick Wilson? The Phantom of the Opera, The Conjuring, Insidious, and Watchmen are just a few of the bunch of movies where he showed his acting prowess. His career is getting along fine, but is it fine enough for bringing in over $200 million? Obviously, it is, although we would be hard put to it to fathom how he managed to make the sum. It is more than one could splurge on one’s habits, either good or bad, and the managing of such an amount could make the head spin. Hopefully, he deals with all that money with due care and sagacity.

Scott Speedman, worth almost 250 million

Another surprisingly wealthy personage is Scott Speedman. While at first you could be astonished at hearing this, then you begin to remember the movies he appeared on – and the list is pretty long (including The Strangers, Underworld, The Monster, Barney’s Version, and other noteworthy flicks). Good for him, but does it account for the whooping two-and-a-half hundred thou.? He does, and if it stopped somebody else from working, Speedman is hard at it and is currently gracing the TNT show the Animal Kingdom. It seems that this guy is really in love with his job, and we wish him all the luck in getting his bank account growing.

Paget Brewster, worth 245 million

If you cannot picture Paget Brewster and an amount in dollars totaling about 245 million, you’ve got another think coming. She has got it. Her breakthrough came with the part of Kathy in Friends and strengthened her reputation with participation in Criminal Minds with other great roles piling up in the following years. We can expect her leading quite a soft life in a fine home, but not counting her $245 million when she sets about paying her bills. She is also up to her throat at work, meaning it literally (considering the number of voice jobs she does). And we believe that when she throws parties, they are something to write home about.

Jami Gertz, worth 2 billion

Jami Gertz is here on the list to provide us with the biggest surprise. Yes, we enjoyed her in many a movie way back – Less Than Zero, Sixteen Candles, The Lost Boys, Quicksilver and others are coming to mind instantly – but then the actress seems to have done a vanishing trick and quit the industry. Luckily, it was nothing bad, at 22 she got married to a very rich man, billionaire Antony Ressler. Such kinds of marriage are known to bring a silver screen career to an abrupt end. Since your life has undergone such a change, what is a young actress supposed to do? There’s no earthly reason to eschew the possibilities of total enjoyment and insist on going back to work. Gertz didn’t. Good luck and much fun to her (no doubt about it with all the money she has got!).

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