Romantic Music Makes Excellent Incentive for a Date


A recent research showed that listening to a romantic tune is an excellent build-up towards suggesting a date, putting a woman into the right mood to accept.

Music and romance

French scientists, clearly acting on a belief that there is a scientific side to romance, brought together 87 women and men with looks that couldn’t be called stunning, and put on some background music.

When a little later the man asked the woman out on a date it turned out that the choice of music was almost a crucial factor! Of the couples listening to music that didn’t dish out romantiс mood, only 28% agreed. Whereas listening to ‘Je l’aime à mourir’ by Francis Cabrel pushed the percentage up significantly, making it 52!

(There were a couple of men afterwards who had good reasons to be grateful to French psychology and Francis Cabrel!)

Researcher Nicolas Guéguen pointed out that the effect produced on human behavior by background music is certainly strong and covers a wider spectrum of behavior than we may believe.

The results of exposure to media content reach out far beyond the recognized subjects such as violence, he added.

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