Naomi Campbell's Got Eye-Shaped Mansion as a Gift


Naomi Campbell is known to be dating Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. He feels deep affection for his girlfriend and always indulges her by giving presents. Recently, he has presented the famous model a luxurious and unusual mansion.

Eye of Horus gift for Naomi Campbell

This house has the shape of the eye of Horus, which symbolizes fertility and power that can give eternal life. The building is located in Turkey, in one of the islands. Doronin has specially hired a Spanish architect to design this building.

The mansion is absolutely clear in terms of ecology. The pupil of the eye represents a multi-layered dome. There are five large rooms and 25 bedrooms in it. The rooms are protected with blinds, because they are always in the sunshine. In addition, it also has cooling ventilation. Everything has been thought over to the smallest details. The building can consume energy, as well as drinking water, wisely. It brings absolutely no harm to the environment. The nature remains intact and does not suffer from any human intervention.

Eye of Horus gift for Naomi Campbell

According to the Spanish architect, when designing such an edifice, Doronin was not restricted to the limits of any certain image or any sum of money. That’s why he has created such a beautiful building which is fully autonomous. The lady has been dating the oligarch since 2008. The couple has been living together for three years already. During this time, there have appeared the rumors that the celebrities are going to get married, but the festive event has not taken place yet. However, the public is still overjoyed with this perspective, hoping at least for an engagement.

Eye of Horus gift for Naomi Campbell

Source of the image: News.