Keeping a Secret Is Physically Burdensome


Why is it next to impossible for some women to keep a secret? It turns out that secrets make our life more difficult!


Keeping a Secret Disturbs Normal Life

The researchers from Tufts University have found that secrets increase the emotional load on people, as they are already reflected in their physical condition. In other words, the one who keeps secrets begins to perceive normal daily activities as difficulties.

The “Keeping a Secret” Experiment

These findings were confirmed by a scientific experiment. The volunteers were divided into two groups: some were asked to recall some important secret that they were entrusted with, while others had to recall a less important thing. Everybody was asked to perform the same task – to estimate the slope of the hill and the distance to it.

The Secret Keepers Have Everything Harder

As a result, the people who kept an important secret, found the distance to the hill longer, and the hill seemed steeper to them than to those who had to keep a secret of something less significant. All other tasks also seemed more complicated to the volunteers from the first group.

Why Women Can’t Keep Secrets

The Daily Mail reports that the scientists have made a conclusion: the more important the secret you have to keep, the more difficult your life becomes. It turns out that women just do not want to make their life complicated.