Instant Coffee Takes Care of Your Wrinkles Better than Lotions


It seems you can rely on instant coffee for getting your wrinkles out of the way and out of your face without resorting to lotions!

Instant Coffee

Facial wrinkles can be disposed of almost instantly when treated by collagen, a compound present naturally in the body. As a compound regulating the shape of the skin it is widely used by cosmetic surgeons and as an ingredient in most wrinkle-smoothing creams. Japanese women are in the habit of drinking collagen as part of their diet.

Now on the market is a new brand of Nescafe that contains a high amount of collagen.

Market analysts Mintel comment: “Collagen is just one popular ingredient used to lend a more skin/beauty-friendly image to a product, and is increasingly found not just in beauty products but also in food and drink products – including coffee.” (David Jago, director of trends and innovation, quoted by the Daily Express.)

That is about the “nutri-cosmetics” trend launched by food and drink manufacturers who turn out new products designed to maintain the health of the hair, eyes, skin and advertised to take care of your general appearance.

Although health officials voice their doubts saying that collagen disintegrates before being excreted which makes its effect but temporary, it may still be worth our while to try out the new Nescafe brand having the mirror handy!

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