How to Forget Bad Experiences?


Angry WomanTrying to forget something that happened to you in the past but still hurts? Experts at the Medical College of Georgia, US, can now erase unpleasant memories from the brain areas responsible for memory without compromising their functions. This kind of experiment, however, has been conducted only on lab mice so far. In the course of trials, the scientists implemented new treatment using a special type of protein.

The research team was able to find the molecular structure that allows erasing remembered experiences associated with psychic traumas or recurring mental discomfort without impeding brain functions.

The head of study, professor Joe Tsien, claims new treatment could work for human beings, too. He is sure that it might be even possible to create a “bad memories extinction” drugs.

This kind of drugs could be used in a variety of cases, from treating childhood psychic traumas to eliminating memories of a failed love-affair. I wonder if we could recall erased events later.


  1. I wish I could forget my last bf and everything relating to him. Our breakup really hurt much and I still can’t calm down. I would take such a pill right now to forget absolutely everything and stop thinking about him.

  2. Karina I am in the same boat as you but the opposite, if only things were soo simple and you could just take a pill or treatment and forget the whole situation happen.

    The worst thing is its constantly on my mind and there is nothing I can do to avoid thinking about it.

  3. It is said that past is an experience but still…certain experiences are so worse that it haunts us forever. Having a pill and forgetting a particular incident would be a miracle come true. I just would like to get pills like that to forget many a things in life…

  4. There’s one drawback I can think of. Chances are we might end up making the same mistake after forgetting one.

  5. I was raped years ago, and those memories still hurt. If i have deep sleep, hose memories plague my dreams. so i just dont sleep that much. I just want to go back to a normal life, without remebering all of that. will these pills be available soon?

  6. id like to forget when i failed to get an erction with a girl and all the incidents that followed with othr girls of the same magnitude and humiliation capabilities.. if i do then i can get it up once agen and have good sex………

  7. I would like to forget the past 2 years of my life, ever since I was thrown out of vet school for not passing a test by one point, so I transferred and was still too traumatized from my other vet school that I failed there too. The worst part is, many of my other classmates were passed with the same grade. My education is the most important part of my life and my passion of becoming a veterinarian. I was told I wasn’t cut out for the program, just not smart enough, and I let it get to me, but I must have been smart enough if I got accepted to 4 different vet schools. This may not seem like a huge trauma, but it is as I get older now and realize instead of graduating in 2012, I will most likely, if ever based on my transcripts, around 2022, too late to have a family. My confidence was ruined and with these memories that remain, I don’t know if I’ll ever be normal again because I’m still so bitter, no matter how much I try to forget it.

  8. i wish to get these pills on hands, i so much wish to forget my ex bf , the past and everything about him.some memories are bad but some , wil haunt us forever, if these pills are meant for a better mental health. i want it….gimme one pls.

  9. My gf left me coz i shouted at her..nw i feel like she nvr hd given me authrty on her..i lovd her forgting evrythng..evn hv askd 4 her forgivnes many a times,but nw frm her words i feel lyk m nthng..nd i hv heard tht she z seing sm other guy?is this hw love ends?m so depressed nd i want to forget evrythng so tht i nvr distrb her again in lyf so tht she can live hapily..

  10. Forgetting bad memories is not so easy . . Instead see to that you don’t think about it much . . .keep hearing songs or watch comedy mother in free time . . .true lovers test our love they won’t punish our love . My love punished me 🙁

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