How Often Do People Lie?


Swiss scientists carried out studies over the period of several years to figure out how much truth and lie we say in our day-to-day conversations. Their findings appeared in The Psychological Science.


The study authors claim their findings demonstrated that there is little truth around us and our everyday life is filled with lies, hypocrisy and distortions of reality.

In particular, large scale poll conducted by Swiss researchers among Europeans showed married people lie more often than single (56 percent against 33 percent); high educated people deceive more than less educated people (74 people against 36 percent); the rich also like to fib more than the poor (67 percent against 29 percent). Ironically, high educated people appeared the most skillful liars.

Women lie to make things appear more dramatic more often, 28 percent compared to 13 percent of men. On the other hand, men lie more often for personal gains, 36 percent compared to 24 percent. According to scientists, lying for survival is used equally by men and women, 32 percent and 31 percent respectively.

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