How Does the Brain of Gays Differ from That of Straights?


The Italian Psicologia e Salute journal has published the results of a research conducted by the scientists who studied the brain of people with different sexual orientation.

Man, red color

The results are scientific, though they prove to be quite chauvinist. It turns out that there is some difference between the brain of a homosexual and that of a straight person with traditional sexual orientation.

In particular, the hypothalamus of gays contains a significantly smaller amount of neurons (nerve cells). In addition, according to the researchers, homosexual men have not so much gray matter as heterosexuals.

Thus, the experts stress in their paper that the gray matter is even distributed differently in the brain of a homosexual person: the highest concentration of it is observed in the perirhinal cortex, while in other brain areas the gray matter is not so “dense”.

In addition, the study has shown that the left hemisphere of the gay brain is larger than the right one. Still, the Psicologia e Salute journal claims that the right hemisphere, on the contrary, is bigger among lesbians.

Source of the image: Photl.