The Healthiest Nation


FinlandWhich nation do you think is the healthiest one? Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences held a study to measure health index across nations. 45 largest nations of the world caught the researchers’ attention. Those countries account for 90% of the world’s GDP and 77% of the world’s population. Finns occurred to be the healthiest nation in the world.

Chinese scientists measured such factors as the state of the nervous and immune systems, psychological behavior, and metabolism.

Furthermore, they added up the values they gathered for each country and calculated the mean, which actually is the health index. Finland, Denmark, and Sweden turned out to be the leaders. Norway and Australia joined them in the top five of the list. The USA occupied the 11th position. China placed 13th on the list and, thus, became the leader among the developing countries examined in the study. The lamentable results came from Nigeria, which placed the last on the list.