Feminists Are Against Admiration for "Perfect Female Body"


A prominent feminist Germaine Greer called women for sending their nude photos to British cultural critic Stephen Bayley to protest against his new book dedicated to a female body.

Woman as Design Book Cover

A new book by British cultural critic Stephen Bayley Woman as Design enraged the Australian scientist who called the book “meaningless” and full of “wild ideas”. The book describes female body as a masterpiece of design and features a few illustrations of nude female breasts.

Greer says that the pictures Bayley picked up for his many-paged making fetish out of breast are barely can be called publishable. In her acrid Guardian review for the book she wrote that all breasts in photos looked high, hemispherical, pale-nippled… Arian. In her trying to persuade Bayley that his idea of the perfect breasts is being racist, Greer encouraged women to send Bayley the photos of their naked breast. She asked women to send him a photo of their breasts to his “absurdly vainglorious website” or send him all their old numbers of the National Geographic.

In support of his book, Bayley said he didn’t mind women sending him pictures of their naked breasts, but he wished Greer would never send him hers. He told Times that he hoped Germaine wouldn’t get the idea in her head to send him a picture of her breasts because that would be awful to him. He also called Greer as an ageing sclerotic feminist. He added that three years ago Greer published the book named The Beautiful Boy containing obscene photos of naked teenage boys. Bayley also said that someone should have told Greer that a modern bra was developed by a woman named Caresse Crosby (the bra model was patented in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacobs).

Source of the image: ecx.images-amazon.com.