Female Intuition Is a Myth


The researchers from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) claim that women’s intuition is just a myth.


A team led by Richard Wiseman conducted an experiment involving 15,000 men and women. 80% of women and 58% of men said that they had a good intuition. All the volunteers were proposed to explore the pictures of laughing people and determine which of them were genuinely happy and who was pretending.

About the same number of men and women (70%) answered correctly.

In other words, men and women have the same “intuition.” However, scientists prefer to call this phenomenon differently – life experience. It depends on life experience if this or that person is able to analyze what is happening and draw conclusions.

The only thing that really affects this ability is age. Little children do not seem to have intuition, but a grown woman can boast having it.

The ability to benefit from the experience may be different in men and women. This phenomenon is explained by the difference in the brain of different sexes. The left hemisphere is responsible for rational thinking, while the right one deals with the emotional and intuitive sphere. Women have better relationship between the two hemispheres of the brain, and men demonstrate better internal connections within each hemisphere. Therefore, a woman finds it easier to harmonize analytical and intuitive thinking.