Eurovision 2009 Second Semifinal Results


Today we were happy to enjoy the second semifinal of Eurovision 2009. And we would like to share the results with you. The second semifinal sounded even more exotic than the first one (let’s take Estonia, for example). There were more “folk” performances (Moldova in their national costumes). Some countries surprised us (Hungary with their disco show). While others looked sexy (Ukraine). So, there were songs for all tastes.

Eurovision 2009

So here are Eurovision 2009 second semifinal results – the following countries qualify for the final at the 2009 contest:

  • Azerbaijan;
  • Croatia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Lithuania;
  • Albania;
  • Moldova;
  • Denmark;
  • Estonia;
  • Norway;
  • Greece.


  1. cyprus should get to the final… i almost cried when i heard christina metaxa singing! she could have come out of a farytale! i looooooooove sakis rouvas as we are of the same country! he was shining during his performance! i’m not sure if i liked moldova, lithuania, croatia and estonia that much…

  2. It is time Ireland and UK left Eurovision. Ireland’s songs won the contest more than any country, but since the Tele-voting, Ireland don’t get to the final. The UK qualify automatically to the final, and last year, UK got Zero points. Since the Tele-voting started, it is a country contest, not a SONG contest. Hopefully Ireland and UK will now leave.

  3. I fully agree with that comment above from a David O’Keefe… Ireland and UK should leave Eurovision. Unfortunately it has become a Country contest, not a SONG contest.

  4. Soviet Union countries should not participate. If they exchange votings every year, it means that they do not appreciate the contest. Let’s have their own semi-final and 2 of them particpate in the final. It would be better!

  5. John why soviet union countries should not participate ?maybe better your country shouldn’t participate!!!

  6. @Elshad
    Cuz Soviet Union still play not fair! You’re voting on your neigbours, not for good song like for exp. Ireland, Poland… More country shouldnt leave that contest!!!!

  7. hey to all eurofans ,

    everyone knows that Greece and Norway are the “strongest” countries which one of them will probably be the winner. I hope the best for Greece because i am from Greece and my honest opinion is that Sakis Rouvas with This is our night will make tomorrow night OUR night =)

    i hope the best for everyone !!Good Luck Greece !!!!!!!! Good Luck europe !

  8. Greece used to be good before but with this song, i don’t think it will have any chance to enter in top five, anyway it’s all about politics.

  9. have you seen the polls ???
    have you watched TV ??
    have you heard the song ????

    cause everyone says the same thing greece and norway 1 and 2

  10. You always have big hopes, its okay … dreaming is good but it has a limit as well … hope you wont be upset after tomorrow …. we will see who will win

  11. I am from Serbia and our song was simply terrible. For a moment i thought it was a comedy show . . . they have embarrassed all our nation.

    As for the winner, not sure but definitely either France , Azerbajian or Albania.

    My good friends from Greece, sorry, better luck next year

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