European Women Are More Prone to Excess Weight


American scientists from New York University have found out why women from Europe are 97% more likely to be overweight than the women of Asian descent. The group leader, Professor Mark Morrison, says that the body of European women needs high-calorie food and alcohol at the genetic level.

Woman, food
During the experiment, the scientists asked the representatives of the fair sex to enlist their food preferences for a week, so that the list would not be changed within two months.

It turned out that the menu of the women of European descent consisted of fatty foods and alcohol. The authors of the study are confident that the traditional way of choosing dishes can be attributed to climate which has a great influence on the body. The fact is that European citizens are aware of the harsh climate at the genetic level, and get ready to bear it easier with the help of fatty foods and alcohol. In the course of research, the experts have identified a group of genes in the body of Europeans which practically does not occur among people from Asia.

These genes are responsible for choosing the taste of any food. The results of the research explain eating habits. For example, European cuisine is dominated by the food which is much more caloric than Asian dishes. In addition, the researchers have noted that culinary preferences of European ladies of the younger age are significantly different in terms of caloric content and ingredients from the choice of the representatives of the older generation. Their list was dominated by the products with the lower amount of calories: fish, fruit and vegetables.

Source of the image: Photl.